Lapping waves keep creative juices flowing, which makes DOXS, located on the banks of the canal, the perfect location for innovative ideas and inspiration for tomorrow. This 7,200 m² industrial space was home to the Port of Neukölln for decades. In fact, the skyline is still dominated by two imposing gantry cranes. Patina combines with high-end design, industrial revolution with digitalization, tradition with the new generation.

Desirable workspaces need to fulfill a whole host of requirements, which are rivaled only by the opportunities they provide. An architectural concept that strengthens the community combines with cultural and culinary diversity to create an open location that embraces the present and wants to grow with it. Made for humans.

Entspannung auf dem Marktplatz

The Neukölln Ship Canal combines Sonnenalle with Maybachufer, caresses neighbor- hoods and cultures, and has always supported industrial and social transformations. A true original. The area surrounding Ziegrastrasse is a hot spot for culture, art, pop- ups, and flea markets in industrial halls and is developing into a hub for visionaries. An area once dedicated to the transport of containers and railroad scrap on ships is now home to social associations, convention centers, underground clubs, and start- ups that not only share space, but also a passion for all things new, contemporary, and extraordinary. Typical Neukölln.

Long before Neukölln became a lifestyle magnet, the district attracted engineering, logistics, and port companies with the expansion of the Berlin waterways. A hot spot for movers and shakers: a hundred years later, the imposing industrial cranes tower over the waterside promenade. You can feel the wind, water, and vibe when you stand at the Kaimauer wall. This is where history and a new beginning converge. Open and social at all times, as exchange and community have always been the best drivers of innovation. Since always.